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CNC CUBE / CNC Rechner with W10 64bit

CNC CUBE / CNC Rechner with W10 64bit

CNC CUBE / CNC Rechner mit W10 64bit / WinPC-NC USB
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What ever is the NC-Cube?

Feedback from our customers, it has been shown that some people still find it difficult,
which computer they should use for their CNC machine. Many simply have little place in
the workshop and / or hesitate when configuring the PC `s Especially with software that
runs directly through the parallel port, it is very important to clean your PC install and
necessary to optimize in terms of performance.
These customers, we wanted to meet you and offer a mature product.


     * Brand New computer e.g. Dell
     * Min 2 GHz processor
     * 2 GB Ram
     * 500 GB hard drive (Solid State Disk On request also available)
     * High-quality housing
     * Operating system Windows 10 64bit
     * Keyboard
     * Mouse
     * Recovery CD for system

The CNC Cube comes with ready installed and optimized operating system Windows 10 64bit.
If there is a crash, so the system must be set up so only must the
supplied CD to be inserted and after a few minutes the entire computer
returned to the original state. Here, the system is completely filled with new.
The WinPc NC path is secured by us.


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