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Product information "Schwanheimer Industrial Adhesive No.100 / 20g" Characteristics: Color: transparent, single-component adhesive, low viscosity, easy handling, rapid hardening, high final strength, ...
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23,50 €
Product information "Primer Plus 10ml" Characteristics: The Primer Plus (adhesion promoter) enables our industrial adhesive to create permanent moisture and ageing resistant bonding of plastics that are ...
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20,40 €
Product information "Special Filler 60g" Characteristics: Used in combination with our Industrial Adhesive No. 100 for bonding and filling of cracks, fractures, joints, gaps and holes as well as for ...
Immediate delivery
17,00 €
Product information "Universal Solvent and Cleaner 20g" Characteristics: Removes and dissolves adhesive, adhesive residues and stains from hands, metal, porcellain, glass, plexiglass, wood, plastics, ...
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16,00 €
Product information "Micro tip (Pack size: 6)" Characteristics: For horizontal and vertical, point- and stroked accurate, economical dosages. The airtight closure cap solves the classic version, to close ...
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7,29 €

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